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RivierPark Maasvallei is a cross-border landscape park developed around the Meuse and its winter bed. The Meuse Valley project office is committed to creating a landscape with accessible tourist attractions that is equipped with customized infrastructure. It operates within the framework of existing policy but aims to function as a catalyst for running processes and creating new opportunities for sustainable regional development in the Meuse Valley.

On the Flemish side of the river, the Meuse Valley project office works under the umbrella of NPO Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland, an organization that contributes to the future of the region by focusing on nature, landscape, heritage, and recreation.


Environmental management across borders

In recent years, many people have worked very hard on the completion of RivierPark Maasvallei and the work is not done yet. The constant effort of people and resources is required to keep the landscape attractive and accessible to people, plants, and animals. Every day, many people roll up their sleeves and work to keep RivierPark Maasvallei in top condition. Different organizations manage the areas that make up RivierPark Maasvallei. You can help to maintain the park by becoming a member of one of the associated nature organizations including Limburgs Landschap (B), Natuurpunt (B), Society for the Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands (Natuurmonumenten, NL), and the National Forest Service in the Netherlands (Staatsbosbeheer, NL).