About the area

Situeringskaart Maasvallei - Borgharen

Strolling along the bottom of the river? This is possible at Borgharen when the Meuse is low. You can even cross over to Belgium. If more water flows through the Meuse, then you can look for higher alternatives. There are the footpaths: entrenched tracks of grazers and hikers. When the Meuse rises any more, it becomes boggy, but most paths remain passable with good footwear and via the stepping stones that are in place.

The ‘Borgharen’ nature reserve was created after four years of excavation work as part of the ‘Grensmaas’ project. This is the largest river project in the Netherlands. Gravel extraction, river widening and nature development go hand in hand here. After gravel extraction, the area was returned to nature. This means that nature is given every opportunity here with minimum human intervention.

‘Staatsbosbeheer’ (Forestry Management Agency) and ARK Natuurontwikkeling (Nature Development) manage the area and deploy large grazers for grazing. This results in a varied landscape where countless species find their home and so you’ll have a hard time keeping up with everything there is to see and hear! Not least because special bird species, such as the skylark or the small plover, feel right at home here. During the migration of birds, ospreys, cranes and storks pass by ... With a bit of luck, you can spot them at ‘Borgharen’ during a stopover.


Detailkaart wandelgebied Borgharen

In the hiking region of ‘Borgharen’, you can freely wander for hours along the Meuse. Should you prefer to follow a certain route, then the 'Ontdekkingskaart voor struiners en wandelaars Borgharen’ (Discovery map for strollers and hikers Borgharen) will help you on your way. This map includes three suggestion routes of 8, 10 or 19 km in Borgharen, Itteren and Geulle aan de Maas.


Accessibility and car parks 


Starting place

Car Park Borgharen: Middenstraat opposite the castle

Extra pick-up place

Itteren: Ruijterstraat/Brigidastraat
Geulle aan de Maas: Kerkplein
Elsloo: Maasberg along Julianakanaal