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Situeringskaart Oud - Rekem

When you explore the hiking area of Oud-Rekem, you will discover many traces that the Meuse has left in the landscape over the years. The beautiful nature reserve of ‘Hochterbampd’ flanks the Meuse here in Lanaken. ‘Oude Weerd’ nature reserve is located just a stone's throw away from Oud-Rekem. 

Oude Weerd

Oude Weerd is a diverse nature reserve covering about 29 ha and consisting of a gravel pond, wet grasslands, fields, thicket and willow woodlands. This small nature reserve is located in an old Meuse meander and has been managed by Natuurpunt vzw since 2011. It is an important foothold for all kinds of plants and animals in the landscape that connects the Ziepbeek and the nature parks along the Meuse with those of the Hoge Kempen.


Nature reserve ‘Hochterbampd’, the southernmost nature reserve on the Flemish side of the RivierPark Maasvallei, is wedged between the Zuid-Willems Canal and the Meuse. In the centre of ‘Hochterbampd’, there is a lake from which gravel was extracted between 1950 and 1966. The vegetation around this lake consists mainly of floodplain woodland that develops spontaneously. Here, you can find a rich flora in the undergrowth. Species such as enchanter’s nightshade, common violet and the alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage feel right at home here. The works have freed up a fresh seed bed that has been sprinkled with numerous seeds whenever the river swells. Typical Meuse flora is already developing.

Culture lovers can indulge in Oud-Rekem. This beautiful village on the Meuse has one of the most authentic village centres in the RivierPark Maasvallei. It was not for nothing that the village was voted the 'Most beautiful village in Flanders' in 2008.


Detailkaart wandelgebied Oud - Rekem

Five loops lead you along a lot of local beauty. The green (2.7 km) loop is ideal for hikers who like to immerse themselves in some culture. It leads you through the historic village centre of Oud-Rekem and through ‘Oude Weerd’, where you have time to take in the views. The red (15.1 km) and orange (15.4 km) loops are perfect if you like more variation during your trip. Both loops combine the village centre of Oud-Rekem with wild river landscapes along the Meuse, nature reserves and floodplains.

The practical hiking switches allow you to combine different hiking loops in the area without any problems. That's how you put together your own ideal hiking trail. The routes with all the information can be found on the hiking map 'Oud-Rekem’.



Accessibility and car parks

Starting place

Car Park 17 Colmonterveld: Populierenlaan, 3620 Oud-Rekem (Lanaken)

Extra pick-up place

Car Park 18 Kanaalzone: Kanaal, 3620 Oud-Rekem (Lanaken)

Car Park 19 Dorpsplein Uikhoven: Schoorstraat, 3620 Uikhoven (Lanaken)