Especially for enthusiasts of multi-day hikes, the Long Distance Hike was created. This cross-border hike of 137 km connects the 11 municipalities in the Meuse Valley River Park and leads you through some of the most beautiful landscapes and charming villages. The hike was voted 'Best Hiking Route of the Benelux' in April 2021.


Where to start?

It is best to start the Long Distance Hike at one of the indicated starting points. On the website Walking in Limburg you will find a detailed overview of the entire route and its starting points. Here you can also check the route and download it for GPS/Gpx.

An absolutely useful tool when preparing your trip is the hiking map 'Long distance hike, 137 km of cross-border hiking fun' (€6)


  • The Long Distance Hike is signposted along its entire length and in both directions with hexagonal, green tags bearing the RiverPark Maasvallei logo (see image opposite)

  • In wet seasons, some areas may not be accessible. It is best to follow the adapted signposting (hexagonal green tags with white top edge).

  • From a few starting points (e.g. Maastricht Station and Sittard Station) you first have to follow a short access route that takes you to the official route of the Long Distance Hike. These access routes are indicated by a hexagonal, white tag with the RivierPark Maasvallei logo on it.

  • Shortening the route is possible at all times by using the ferries and bridges over the Meuse. Follow the appropriate tags (hexagonal white plates with 'inkorten' on them).


Accommodation and transportation

Looking for a hotel or b&b that also offers luggage service? Then you can already check out the following accommodation providers: 

Interested? Just contact them directly to see what is possible. 

There are also plenty of other charming accommodation options along the route. The tourist information offices of the RivierPark Maasvallei will be happy to help you in your quest for a suitable place to sleep. 

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Access route Sittard

From the starting point in Sittard (Sittard Station), you can follow an access route that takes you to the standard route of the Long Distance Hike. This access route is no less than 10 km long. So count on an extra day of hiking if you start from here. You can download the access route from Sittard via RouteYou. 

Water tapping points

In a number of Dutch Meuse villages, you will find water tapping points along the way. Here you can refill your water bottle safely and for free. You will find the water taps at the following places:

  • Stevensweert (at De Maasparel primary school)
  • Grevenbicht (veerweg)
  • Obbicht (market)
  • Maasband (Maasdijkweg/Maasbanderkerkweg): nearby: tree monument Meers, oppositeb to Maaskruis Vucht .
  • Itteren ('t Brook, Brigidastraat)

More info on the website:


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