Starting points and charging stations

Cycling near the Meuse

Experience the uniqueness and charm of our region by taking a cycling trip through the RivierPark Maasvallei. The car-free winter dikes allow you to cycle undisturbed for kilometres on end and fully enjoy the views. Did you know that the Meuse Valley is the number one region for cyclists in Belgium?

The starting points are located in villages with good access to the RivierPark Maasvallei. There is ample parking at the starting points and you can collect a map of the cycle routes or get more information about the region at one of the local tourist information offices. You can find charging stations for electric bicycles near the starting points.

Junction system

Cover cycle map

The extensive network of bicycle routes that stretches across Belgium and the Netherlands allows you to plan your own cycle route by using the junctions that are indicated in both directions. This way, you decide which direction you would like to take and how far you want to cycle. The Belgian and Dutch networks for cycle routes are all perfectly inter-connected. The systems are identical, except for the colour-coding of the signs. In Belgium you will follow the blue signs, while in the Netherlands the signs are green.

For just €3, you can purchase the cross-border cycle map (Grensoverschrijdende themafietskaart) which is a handy tool for planning your cycling trip. This map gives an overview of all the connecting networks of cycle routes in the RivierPark Maasvallei (Belgium and The Netherlands).

International Meuse Cycle Route

From the Langres plateau to the Hook of Holland, you can discover the Meuse like you've never seen it before. Go on, cucle through three countries (France, Belgium and the Netherlands) covering 30 stages 1152 km of signposted roads, with dozens of cities, towns and villages dotted along the route. It will also take you through the Meuse Valley Rivier Park. Unique to this part of the route is that in the Rivier Park, you can choose which bank of the river you cycle on thanks to the ferry boats. 

Read more about the International Meuse Cycle Route in the River Park Meuse Valley.  

Explore the River Park with an e-scooter

At the wheel of a comfortable electric scooter you can discover the River Park in a unique, carefree and ecological way. Various experiential tours have been worked out where you will discover the authentic villages and picturesque nature around the Meuse on the way. 

Relaxing, adventurous, romantic, focused on culture or nature or customized? Something for everyone, young and old.

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Ferry boats

The RivierPark Maasvallei is a cyclists’ paradise on both sides of the Meuse river. During your cycling trip, you can cross the Meuse on one of the bicycle ferries at four different locations. One large ferry also provides transport for cars. Please note: the ferries are only operational during the summer months, from May until October.

Click here to view the list of ferry services and their operating hours.

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