Geulle aan de Maas

About the village

Geulle is named after the river Geul, which flows along this village. Back in the Middle Ages, Geulle belonged to the abbey of ‘Kornelimunster’. In 817, Louis the Pious probably donated Geulle to the abbey, which was founded that same year. In 1865, a railway line was built near the village and between 1925 and 1934, the Juliana Canal was dug. Both interventions had a major impact on the landscape around Geulle. Today it is a small, peaceful Meuse village where nature plays an important role.

What is there to do?


The area around Geulle aan de Maas is ideal for exploring on foot. You spend most of your time in a rural environment, strolling along the Meuse and get a sense of history in the villages of Geulle, Bunde and Elsloo. Moreover, the ferry in Geulle aan de Maas will take you to the other side of the Maas in no time at all, where you can explore the Flemish hiking area Oud-Rekem. For those who like some help to get started, a few tips:

  • In the hiking region ‘Borgharen’, you can follow the purple suggestion route (19 km) on the accompanying map to discover Geulle a/d Maas. En route: nature reserve, Geulle village centre, Juliana Canal and Elsloo castle.
  • Set off with a Meuse Explorer in tow.



Thanks to the extensive cycling route network in Belgium and the Netherlands, you can create your own cycling route using junctions that are indicated in both directions. This way, you can decide which direction you want to go and how long your ride will be. Why not, during your bike ride, take a ferry to the other side of the river Meuse? That way, cross-border cycling (junction 17) in the RivierPark Maasvallei becomes hassle-free. Join the cycling route network via junction 16 in Geulle. You can park on the church square in Geulle aan de Maas. You can map out your cycling route using the cross-border map RivierPark Maasvallei.

You can also download the free cycle route 'De ronde van Meerssen' (The tour of the lakes). On this route, you will discover lakes and cycle along the Meuse in Geulle.


  • Geulle castle (Geulderlei 1)
  • St Martin’s Church (Kerkplein 2a)
  • Hulsen Mill/Lower Mill (Snijdersberg 31)

For more information and tips, please visit Visit Zuid - Limburg.