The Meuse Valley ensures hours of hiking pleasure. There are several options along both banks of the Meuse, together accounting for more than 200 km of hiking routes that show you the most scenic spots in the RivierPark Maasvallei. 

How to hike?

© Kobe Van Looveren

There are two hiking systems in RivierPark Maasvallei: a loop system (or ommetjes in Dutch) and a junction system (knooppopenlopen). 

Using the loop system, you choose a marked hiking loop that takes you along the most attractive landscapes. Each loop has its own symbol or colour that you see on wooden stakes along the path. The loop system is mainly found in hiking areas along the Flemish bank. In some Dutch Meuse villages you will also find loops such as in Stevensweert & Ohé en Laak or in Stein (nature route). 

Would you like to combine hiking loops in one of the Flemish Meuse villages? Then keep an eye on the walking changeovers. These mark the locations where hiking loops intersect. These intersections each have their own number, indicated on the stakes and on the hiking maps. To go to another changeover The hiking maps are an indispensable guide to easily switch to another hiking loop. This creates countless combination possibilities in one large network, across the borders of different hiking areas.

With the junction system, you put together your own hiking route based on hiking junctions. So you choose the distance and the course of your hiking route yourself. The junction system can be found on the Dutch side of the river Meuse, in the municipalities of Maasgouw and Echt-Susteren

Where to start?

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On the Belgian bank of the Meuse, a number of hiking areas have been developed. For each hiking area, you will find a parking space and an information board with a detailed map of the area. This map gives an overview of all hiking loops in the area (the same as on this website). Some loops can be reached by first following a brown connecting trail. The Wandelen in Limburg website provides a digital overview of all walking loops. 

If you depart from a Dutch Meuse village, you should first check which system the municipality in question uses: the loop system (ommetjes) and/or the junction system. From then on you can choose a circuit or route of your choice on the websites of Hart van Limburg and Visit Zuid-Limburg.

Long-distance hike

Especially for people who love long-distance hiking, the Long-Distance Walk was developed. This cross-border trail of 137 km connects the 11 municipalities in the RivierPark Maasvallei and takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes and charming villages. This hiking trail was voted 'Best hiking trail of the Benelux' in April 2021. 
Thinking of doing the Long Distance Walk? Then take a look at the page with all the practical information. 

Walking route flooded? Check it here!

As of now, you can check in advance whether a walking route or hiking area is flooded after heavy rainfall. On the map below - the "Dry Feet" tool - you will find an overview of the various measuring points and their current state (dry, newly flooded, submerged). At the top in the black bar, you can filter the measuring points by municipality. The tool can also be consulted on the go. So you can go out 'prepared to the hilt' and avoid wet feet along the way! 

The Dry Feet tool was created in cooperation with

Dry Feet Tool