The Meuse Valley is the perfect place to relax and take a long walk. Six walking routes have been laid out on the Belgian side of the Meuse and one on the Dutch side of the river. Together these walking routes stretch out for more than 200 km and take you along the most beautiful locations in RivierPark Maasvallei.

How do you identify a route?

© Kobe Van Looveren

All the walking routes on the Belgian side of the river have been signposted with wooden route markers that display the coloured symbols that identify each of the routes. If you follow a particular symbol you will walk the route and eventually make your way back to the starting point.

If you would like to combine two or more of the walking routes then take note of the route changers. These route changers mark the locations where walking routes connect. These junctions are numbered and marked on the route markers and on the maps. If you want to walk to another route changer, select the coloured symbol for that route changer and follow it in the direction that you wish to go to reach the next route changer. The maps of the walking routes clearly indicate how and where you can change your route. This creates many different route combinations in one extensive network that crosses the borders of different walking areas.

Where to start

© Gert Arijs

IEach walking area has one starting location with the exception of the Kessenich and Drie Eigen walking area. Each of the starting points has an information board with a detailed map of the area. It also gives an overview of all the laid out walking routes of the areas (the same as on the website). Some of the routes are accessed using the brown connecting routes. The starting points for the routes are located in the following Belgian villages:


  • Kerk Neeritter (Neeritter church): Krekelbergplein, 6015 RA, Neeritter (NL)
  • Douanekantoor Kessenich (old customs office): Venlosesteenweg 403, 3640, Kessenich (B)

Aldeneik: Heerenlaak; Heerenlaakweg, 3680, Aldeneik (Maaseik)

Elen: Kerk Elen (Elen church); Bergerkampstraat,3650, Elen (Dilsen–Stokkem)

Stokkem: Tugelaplein, 3650, Stokkem

Leut: Dorpsplein Leut (village square); Genieskensstraat, 3630, Leut (Maasmechelen)

Oud–Rekem: Colmonterveld; Populierenlaan, 3620, Rekem (Lanaken)

In the Netherlands, work is currently being completed on the further development of RivierPark Maasvallei. The starting points have not yet been built but you can explore the area from one of the villages located along the Meuse. One walking route has already been laid out. Borgharen

You can park at the following locations if you want to explore this area:

Borgharen: Middenstraat - diagonally across from the castle

Itteren: Ruijterstraat/Brigidastraat

Geulle aan de Maas: Kerkplein (church square)

Elsloo: Maasberg along the Juliana Canal