Experience fun on the water at RivierPark Maasvallei


© Gert Arijs

Experiencing the RivierPark from the water is a unique adventure. It is from the water that you can experience the splendour of the surrounding nature to the full. Rent a kayak or canoe! You can choose from trips of 9 to 21 km, with various departure and arrival locations.

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Kajak Maasland
+32 (0)89 71 73 90;

Kano Maastricht
+31 (0)6 4516 2121;

Kajaktour Limburg
+31 (0438 51 95 82;

Quest Outdoor & Adventure

+32 (0)470 01 36 36; 

Sup Club Maasvallei

+32 (0)468 00 29 13

Sup'it Ohé en Laak




Electric sloops

© Botel Ophoven

If you want to experience the beauty of RivierPark Maasvallei in peace and tranquillity then take a tour on one of the electric sloops. These electrically powered sloops from Botel Ophoven in Belgium are quiet, easy to operate, and you do not need a navigation license. A sloop can carry a maximum of eight passengers.


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Botel Ophoven
Agropolis Park 102
3640 Ophoven (Kinrooi)

Silent electric boats

© Kobe Van Looveren

In Dilsen-Stokkem in Belgium you can hire a silent electric boat for a delightful tour over the Old Meuse and its connecting lakes. This boat tour can be combined with an off-trail walk along the Meuse. You can book a silent electric boat from April to the end of October.

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Maascentrum De Wissen
Negenoordlaan 2
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

Camping on a raft

Enjoy a special overnight stay in RivierPark Maasvallei on a camping raft on the Old Meuse in Dilsen-Stokkem in Belgium. The camping raft is a solid wooden construction. Each raft is 25 m2 with a wooden hut built on top. You can reach the raft with a Canadian canoe. You can book an overnight stay from April to the end of October.

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Maascentrum De Wissen
Negenoordlaan 2
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem


In the northern part of the Meuse Valley River Park (from Ohé en Laak/Aldeneik and upwards), recreational boating is possible on the Meuse. This makes this region a popular holiday destination with boat owners. Are you a boat owner with an interest in the region, or would you like to learn a water sport? Then there are a number of locations you can visit: 


The Maasterp
Dijk 3, 6109 RB Ohé en Laak (Maasgouw)

Maasdijk 1 box 3
3640 Ophoven (Kinrooi)

Sailcenter Limburg
Maasdijk 1 bus 2, 3640 Ophoven (Kinrooi)

Stevensweert Marina
In't Broek 3, 6107 BG Stevensweert (Maasgouw)

Schippersveld 3, 6019 DE Wessem (Maasgouw)



Do you prefer to be cruised or are you looking for an original staff, family or bachelor getaway? Then a cruise on the Meuse or the Maasplassen might be for you. 


Maasdijk 1 bus 3, 3640 Ophoven (Kinrooi)

Cascade shipping company
Cruise Terminal Maasbracht (opposite Havenstraat 20), 6051 CS Maasbracht

Shipping company Stiphout
Maaspromenade 58, 6211 HS Maastricht

Boottochten Maasland
​Zetellaan 100, 3630 Maasmechelen


The Willems Route

The Willems Route is a pleasant sailing route on the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the Juliana Canal. The route takes you past the Kempen~Broek Border Park, the Maas Valley River Park and the Hoge Kempen National Park, easily navigable and safe.

The route runs via the Wessem-Nederweert canal and the Zuid-Willemsvaart to the atmospheric inner harbour in the heart of Maastricht. You can then continue your way via the Juliana Canal, passing the Maasplassen in the area of Maasgouw, Kinrooi and Maaseik. The Willems Route is a quiet route with small locks and plenty of mooring possibilities. Moreover, you cross the border between Belgium and the Netherlands twice without noticing. Cross-border enjoyment at top level. 

The map is available free of charge and also in German.