On the Belgian side of RivierPark Maasvallei five villages with access to the park were designated as starting points. From north to south, these five villages are: Kessenich, Aldeneik, Stokkem, Leut, and Oud-Rekem. These villages are the best points of departure from which to explore the area. The starting points, signposted from the N78, all have parking available and have their own information boards. These information boards show information about the area and the walking routes.

Each access village is the starting point of an elaborated walking area. On the Belgian side, there are six hiking areas, each with its own character (the five entrance villages + hiking area Elen). On the Dutch side, there are already 2 walking areas. From here, a number of clearly signposted walking loops start, varying from 2.5 to 15 km. These carefully selected routes lead you along the most adventurous places in the Maas valley. For each walking area, an accompanying walking map has been developed. These are available at the tourist information offices in the Meuse valley and from the webshop of 'Wandelen in Limburg'.

Culture and heritage

The Meuse villages in the River Park have a rich history and beautiful village scenery. In order to highlight this special amount of cultural heritage, a number of heritage walks were developed for the FARO ErfgoedApp. This free app accompanies you on your walk, tells you stories and shows you pictures of interesting built heritage along the way. This way you will learn about special buildings, local legends and fun historical facts that give the villages their specific charm. Click below for more information about the heritage walks in the Meuse Valley River Park.