Obbicht en Grevenbicht

About the villages

kasteel Obbicht

Obbicht and Grevenbicht are two typical Meuse villages in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen, each oozing its own charm and identity. The villages owe their name to the Meuse. ‘Bicht' probably refers to the original location of Grevenbicht at a bend in the river Meuse.

Obbicht is probably the village in the RivierPark that is most closely intertwined with the Meuse. In the 17th century, a flood wiped the village off the map, drowning a large number of its inhabitants in the process. Today, the locals embrace the river, which flows right next to the village and offers beautiful panoramas. In 1568, the small village was also the backdrop for William of Orange's crossing of the Meuse. On 5 and 6 October 1568, the Dutch king crossed the Meuse to fight Duke Alva's Spanish troops in Brussels. The crossing testified to military competence, even though the campaign failed. To commemorate this brave crossing, a monument was erected in the village.

The Kingbeek is iconic in both villages. This stream originates south of Obbicht and then flows parallel to the Meuse until it merges with the Meuse at Illikhoven. In many places, pollard willows and poplars line the course of the stream. As a result, the Kingbeek brings a certain peace and atmosphere to the landscape.


What is there to do?


The surroundings of Grevenbicht and Obbicht are ideal for exploring on foot. You spend most of your time in a rural environment, strolling along the Meuse and you can get a sense of the history in the villages. Moreover, with the ferry in Grevenbicht, you get to the other side of the river Meuse in no time at all. While you’re there, you can explore the Flemish hiking region Stokkem. For those who like some help to get started, a few tips:



Thanks to the extensive cycling route network in Belgium and the Netherlands, you can create your own cycling route using junctions that are indicated in both directions. This way, you can decide which direction you want to go and how long your ride will be. Why not, during your bike ride, take a ferry to the other side of the river Meuse? That way, cross-border cycling in the RivierPark Maasvallei becomes hassle-free. Junction 19 is located right next to the ferry in Grevenbicht.

The cycling maps that belong to this network are available at all branches of Visit Zuid-Limburg. Or order the cycling map 'RivierPark Maasvallei' directly via the webshop of ‘Wandelen in Limburg’.

To commemorate the crossing of the Meuse by William of Orange in Obbicht 450 years ago, the municipality of Stein developed an historic themed cycling route. It starts at De Fontein brewery in Stein (near junction 41) and covers a total distance of 39.5 km. The accompanying brochure (including background information + route indication) is available for 2 euros each. You can find the brochure in all Visit Zuid-Limburg shops and their webshop.




For more information about Obbicht and Grevenbicht, please visit the website of  Visit Zuid - Limburg.