Oud - Rekem

About the village

Kasteel d'aspremont - Lynden

Of all the Meuse villages and towns, Oud-Rekem has one of the most authentic village centres. It was once a self-contained territory with its own coins, toll law, separate army and a separate justice system. Spending time here is really like stepping back into the Middle Ages. It is not for nothing that this beautiful village was voted the most beautiful village in Flanders by Tourism Flanders in 2008. Three churches, a chapel, a castle and a museum pharmacy are just some of the well-preserved sights in the village centre. In the shadows of the d'Aspremont - Lynden castle, you can enjoy good food and drink. If you need more greenery around you, the nature reserve ‘the Oude Weerd’ (Natuurpunt) is just a stone's throw from the centre. This is also the only nature reserve in the RivierPark Maasvallei where donkeys are used for grazing. If you feel like a proper hike, you can walk through the ‘Hochterbampd’ nature reserve.

What is there to do?


The surroundings of Oud-Rekem are ideal for exploring on foot. You can stroll along the Meuse and in the nature reserves and you imagine yourself again in the Middle Ages in the village centre of Oud-Rekem. For those who like some help to get started, a few tips:

  • Discover the hiking area Oud-Rekem with large grazers, unique nature for strolling in, donkeys, castles and the historical centre of Oud-Rekem.
  • Set off with a Meuse Explorer in tow.
  • Explore remarkable patrimonial sites and monuments with the FARO Heritage App (tour 'erfgoedwandeling Oud-Rekem') 



Thanks to the extensive cycling route network in Belgium and the Netherlands, you can create your own cycling route using junctions that are indicated in both directions. This way, you can decide which direction you want to go and how long your ride will be. Why not, during your bike ride, take a ferry to the other side of the river Meuse? That way, cross-border cycling in the RivierPark Maasvallei becomes hassle-free. You can join the cycling route network via junction 58 in Oud-Rekem. You can park in the Canal Zone (P18, crossroads Kanaalstraat and Kanaal). This is also the starting point of a suggestion route on the cross-border map RivierPark Maasvallei.




For more information and tips, you can visit Visit Lanaken.