Oud - Rekem (Lanaken)

About this starting point

Out of all the villages along the Meuse, Oud-Rekem has the most authentic village centre. In 2008, the village was awarded the ‘most beautiful village in Flanders’ award by the Flanders tourism board (Toerisme Vlaanderen). When you walk through the centre of this village you are transported back in time to the Middle Ages. The Oude Weerd nature reserve is just a short distance away from the centre. If you enjoy long brisk walks, you should explore Hochterbampd nature reserve.

Activities and places to visit

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Nature walks

The walking area of Oud-Rekem has five signposted routes. The green and blue routes take you through Oude Weerd nature reserve.
Follow the red or orange routes if you would like to walk to the Meuse. The orange route passes through Hochterbampd nature reserve.

Cultural walks

You can use the ‘Oud-Rekem: an authentic jewel of the Meuse’ cultural brochure to plan a walk through historic Oud-Rekem. The brochure provides all the information you need to explore this beautiful little village.


Accessibility and parking

You can park at the Colmonterveld starting point: Populierenlaan, 3620, Rekem (Lanaken)

Nature and landscape

Oude Weerd

This small nature reserve is located in an old silted meander of the Meuse. It provides an important crossing for all types of plants and animals through the natural corridor that connects the Ziepbeek stream and the nature reserves along the Meuse with those in the Hoge Kempen National Park in Belgium.


The vegetation around the lake consists mostly of naturally developed riparian forest. The undergrowth is made up of many unique plant species including Enchanter's nightshade, wood violets, and alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage. Works in the area created a new seedbed that is enriched with numerous types of seeds by the high water of the Meuse. In the next few years, this area will develop into a region rich in characteristic Meuse flora.
Because only a few open spaces exist in this area, the number of nesting birds is restricted. Yet many different bird species such as the grey heron, woodpeckers, and birds of prey can be seen here.